Thanks for visiting my website.

I thought I'd give you a little background about myself.

I grew up In San Pedro, California the port of Los Angeles.

I started playing guitar when I was twelve and was influenced by all the great music happening in the sixties, especially The Beatles, Soul Music/R&B, and a little later Jimi Hendrix............. and then I heard jazz!

I was lucky enough to see jazz great Wes Montgomery play live at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, a life changing event for me, also Brazilian guitarist Bola Sete, and the unique sounds of Gabor Szabo. Hearing those incredible guitarists get such beautiful sounds with just a guitar and amp, (no amp for Bola Sete!) totally influenced the way I wanted to be able to play someday.

I was already playing gigs in my high school years and before I knew it I was making a living as a musician. I played with mostly R&B groups during that time fueling my love for funky groove oriented music.

I did a brief stint at Berklee College of Music and got exposed to many great young players which made me work even harder on guitar. It didn’t really feel like work. It was more a labor of love.

In the Seventies I played for a few years on the River in San Antonio Texas, and then made my way to Houston.
Houston has some incredible musicians and I was able to work with many of them. I stayed in Houston for many years and got to play with local greats such as Kirk Whalum, Everett Harp, Hermann Matthews. I also got to work many shows including Arthur Prysock, Billy Eckstein. Brook Benton, Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Fifth Dimension, Neil Sedaka, Bernadette Peters, and many others.

I taught guitar for Houston Community College for over twenty years, and was also the guitarist with Theater Under the Stars Theater Company. With TUTS I got to play many great Broadway Shows, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, Annie, Evita, etc.

I played on several occasions  with the Houston Symphomy Pops. It was incredible for me to get to sit in the middle of those great orchestras and hear the combination of instruments and very high level of musicianship. I also played hundreds of gigs, festivals, private parties, jazz clubs etc. and did a good amount of studio work.

About 12 years ago I started Double Image Studio in Houston and was fortunate to record many of the top Houston jazz musicians. Some examples of those recordings are on the Double Image page.

About six years ago I had my mid-life crisis! I didn't buy a red sports car or run off with one of my female college students. Instead my wife and I bought a cabin halfway between Cloudcroft NM (population 892) and Mayhill NM (population even less!!) It's been quite a change from Houston but in a very good way. I'm inspired on a daily basis by the natural beauty that surrounds me. My CD, Secrets of the Sacramentos, is an attempt to capture what it feels like, living in this magical place.

I'm blessed with a wonderful wife and friends, a beautiful place to live, and the ability to still do what I love for a living.